Girls winners of Nicaraguan National Reading Contest were supported by Save the Children program

Tuesday 24 October 2017

National campaign “Let’s go read, reading is fun” ended with the National Reading Contest last October 20. 17 schools achieved their objective plans that means, 80% of children in the first grade of elementary school can read 25 words per minute and understand what they read. It’s remarkable, the most of the winner schools was supported by our partners IPADE and CAPRI.  

Darielka López, 6años, estudiante de 1er grado en Siuna, y ganadora al primer premio a la mejor lectora, con 147 palabras por minuto leidas durante la prueba aplicada en el concurso.

 “I love to read, not only at school but also at home,” said Darielka Lopez, 6 years old, first place in category Best Reader. She read 147 words per minute during the contest. 

 “Our objective is families and schools promote reading habits in children to enjoy the time, learn, imagine, increase vocabulary and the comprehension of their own interest and environment,” said Iraíz Castillo, Coordinator of Save the Children education project. “Save the Children gave all children participants a backpack with books to train before the contest and schools received televisions”.  

Save the Children gave technical and financial support to “Let’s go read, reading is fun” campaign and carried out activities to involve parents and teachers to promote reading habits in children of the first and third grade of elementary school. In this campaign participated 37 thousand students and 1,584 schools during last 8 years of campaign.