Thursday 8 January 2015
  • Partner organization of Save the Children, FUNARTE, finished the project
  • Child protection in emergencies in the town of Estelí

08.01.2015. Managua, Nicaragua. Andrea Núñez-Flores Rey

Two children benefited by the project in Estelí, 02.12.2014

At least 5036 children receive psychosocial support through the project “Child protection in emergencies as part of Disaster Risk Reduction focusing on child rights” by the partner organization Foundation to Support Children's Art Creator (FUNARTE) in urban areas of Esteli.

From May to December 2014, FUNARTE has carried out this project, funded by Save the Children, in coordination with the Municipality of Estelí, Ministry of Education and Municipal Committee for Disaster and Prevention

Tamara Martínez, project coordinator, explains that "the process of training on child protection in emergencies was developed through art, games and psycho-affective, working the need of emotional recovery in disaster situations."

Through this project, FUNARTE trained teachers and community leaders from 17 districts located in vulnerable areas.

Cecilia, a 13-year-old volunteer in the project, tells us that: "FUNARTE taught us how to help children, how to support them in emergencies. For example, they have explained what the friendly spaces are: they are safe places where children feel free and have freedom of expression; they can forget their problems."

Cecilia and her aunt, both volunteers of the brigades. Estelí

Karina Rodríguez, FUNARTE team, says that "during the project, we have been formed two brigades of psychosocial care to children in emergency situations, composed of 70 teachers and 170 members of community groups.

These people are already trained to create conditions for the psychosocial care, which will allow children to recover emotionally.”

During the trainings, brigades built their own plans of psychosocial support and began to implement the strategies with children located in vulnerable areas.

In December concluded this project with excellent results, as these brigades will share their knowledge in neighborhoods and schools, and will be better prepared for emergency situations.

Workshop on friendly spaces. Photo courtesy of FUNARTE. Estelí

One of the community brigades. Photo courtesy of FUNARTE. Estelí